Project management.

What is "Project management" and what it eats?

Project management, - Quite significant and compelling phrase, which should attend in your reasoning, if you have decided to implement their business, their company. And no matter what it is, because it is so wonderful - to create and manage your project! At the same time be aware that their own financial independence is not far off. So, how does it create a your project ? How to learn to manage it? How to make money fast? To do this you just need to sit down for a certain literature (but what do you like? Without difficulty, as they say ...) Organize your job, what would be a more productive get what you want done. And our site will help you to your articles, your thoughts, his wonderful lyrics. And it's real.
So, for that would have to begin:
Believe in yourself, in its capacity in its success. Just look back, evaluate your action and forward to earnings! Of course, you need to understand and to perceive the basic terms and concepts. To do this, we actually will lead this informative site.
To begin study definition of "project":
Project is well-organized company with limited duration. It is destined for unique or products or services or results

For an important and key stakeholders of any project include:
  1. Project manager or project manager. This is the person who takes responsibility for project management.
  2. customer or consumer. A person or organization that will use product of the project (this may be a service, program, etc.). There may be many degrees of the customers. For example, among the customers of the new corn product may include factories, grain processing culture, a bakery, which take the flour, customers who buy bread and bakery products. Sometimes the customer is a customer of one project, and sometimes by legal means the consumer or person receiving the products of the project, and by the customer - those who will be directly use the product of the project.
  3. Performers. This is a legal or natural person or company whose employees perform the project.
  4. Participants in the project team. A group of people, which performs a variety of work on the project.
  5. project management team. One more project team members, That govern the operations of the project.
  6. sponsor. This person or group that provides financial resources (money) or in-kind clause (barter - as they say) - for this project.
  7. sources of influence. This is a person or organization that is not directly related with the receipt or use of the project, but which, due to the their position in the principal-agent relationships can be good or adversely affect the course of the project.
  8. headquarters project management. If the performing organization This is the headquarters, it may be a member of the project if it is direct or indirect responsibility for the outcomes of the project. In addition to these important key participants in the project, there are many different actors, which fall into different categories, including categories of internal and external, owners and investors, sellers and intermediaries, team members and their families, government, media, individuals, Various organizations and society as a whole. If the list or classify participants - this work, which helps to determine exactly who is a member of the project. assignments and responsibilities of project participants may overlap, for example, if the project organization provides the financial budget of construction, which she herself and designs.
Project managers must manage the mood of the participants of the project, And it is quite difficult, because the participants in the project can be different or conflicting goals and opportunities.